The bhavanaKIDS Youth Development Program

Root. Reach. Rise.


Root. Reach. Rise. (RRR) is an innovative youth development program founded in the accessible yoga and mindfulness movement, and established in education through Positive Youth Development Strategies.

The bKIDS RRR Program is informed heavily by the need for youth empowerment in education, alternative paths to independence, and representation in the communities we serve.

Rooted in an unprecedented reciprocal teaching model, and frame-worked as course of study curriculum with health, employment, and community involvement outcomes for young people labeled as β€œat-risk," the RRR Program will without question Change the Game.

***bhavanaKIDS has been awarded a Denver Public Schools contract for RRR and we are currently engaged in a number of conversations about piloting this program in the 2018/2019 school year! If you or someone you know is connected to Denver area High Schools that could benefit from RRR, please reach out right away!