our founder tonia Crosby

Tonia is the founder of this outside-the-box yoga concept called bhavanaKIDS. Combined with a lifetime of advocacy and activism, Tonia spent many years researching, teaching and writing the bKIDS base curriculum and specialty classes. Her loyalty and passion for supporting people is combined with her commitment to the integration of yoga and mindfulness practices in modern education and youth programs. Her vision is rooted in the belief that holistically supported young people will lead to more compassionate, regulated and successful adults.

Tonia grew up a small town farm girl with a heart for adventure.  She has always been an athlete, a social justice advocate and a risk taker. She has a BA in gender studies and political science, and did her masters studies in Peace & Justice, emphasizing the intersection of marginalized communities and development. She has been in a range of leadership roles throughout her career and is an entrepreneur and visionary by nature. 

Tonia's dream of accessible and non-intimidating yoga spaces speaks to many and she continues her work developing bhavanaKIDS alongside a number of other projects. You can learn more about Tonia at www.toniacrosby.com or review her resume here.

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