Media, Mind & Body

A community partnership offering!

This course is suitable for students 5th through 12th grade and can be delivered in the in-school, enrichment or afterschool environments. The curriculum is deigned to teach young people about media consumption in the modern world; encouraging them to engage mindfully and thoughtfully. And it is brought to you in conjunction with a computer recycling effort from one of the top financial firms in the country!


We could not be more excited to announce a community partnership with Charles Schwab! 

This partnership makes it possible for bhavanaKIDS to gift refurbished computers to the families of young people enrolled in our 9 week Media, Mind & Body Class!

Our Educators are available to deliver this offering in a number of additional locations (in-school or out of school) in the Spring sessions of 2019! So please use the form below to reach out if you would like to see the young people in your school or center learn about Media and Mindfulness, AND take a computer home to their families as a gift for participation!

Media, Mind and Body Request Form

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It takes resources to deliver our curriculum. Do you need financial assistance to place bhavanaKIDS Media, Mind and Body 9 week course in your environment?