sy 2019/2020 Educator requirements

As a bKIDS Educator you have specific requirements for being in the classroom. The following are the requirements outlined to take a placement with us. If you apply for a placement, be please prepared to meet these document requirements immediately.

****Please see the instruction for submittal at the bottom of this page.****

job placement REQUIREMENTS

  • Mandatory Reporting Training 

  • W-9: This is a W-9 PDF document. It should be editable on Acrobat or Preview. Should you need to print and fill it manually it would be best if you could scan it back to me in an email. If not, send it by mail to 6527 S Brook Forest Rd Evergreen CO 80349

  • Insurance: Your insurance policy must have a $2,000,000 per incident limit and be valid in the State of Colorado and Valid from the first day of classes through end of classes 2020. There are options. The best price for the most comprehensive I have found is through Philadelphia. ( ) 

  • Background Check:

    • We have contracted with eFetch CrimCheck to get you the lowest price possible for BC checks. Please use this LINK to submit your background check information.

    • If you are a Level 3 Educator or above, we will cover your yearly BC.

    • Or, if you have a Level 1 NCD and Sex Offender cleared background check that is valid through 2020 you can send that instead. We will be alerted when your BC is complete and can send you a copy if you would like to have one.

  • Required DPS Documents: As part of compliance to our contract with Denver Public Schools, we are required to submit specific documents for each of our Educators. You are required to complete these documents to be placed or sub in DPS. Those documents are as follows and are linked below:

Submission instructions

Please complete all of the above items and send  1 email with all required documents attached to or use the email icon below.

PLEASE subject title that email in the following format {FirstName.LastName.2019/2020.ReqDocuments]