Within our standard curriculum, each Yoga and Mindfulness Class begins and ends the same way; and our instructors work inside a researched framework to teach an inspired array of concepts, postures and mindfulness techniques based on age, interests and environment. But this is only the beginning! Our curricula also include specialty classes rooted in storytelling, partner and group yoga activities and guided meditations. Combined with our core framework, our specialty classes help us bring a well-rounded and exciting experience to the young people we serve!

Below is a peek at our base class structure, but please get in touch to learn more!

Our Basic Class Structure

1.     Students meet and begin class in their chosen meditative seat.

2.     Pranayama Exercise: our proven version of grounding breath, including directed and controlled inhales and exhales, calm retention and stress releasing Lion's Breath.

3.     Metaphor from the Mat or Daily Class Concept: a hallmark of our curriculum - pairing thoughtful reflection on ways of being in the world with skillful embodiment.

4.     Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutations): taught with breath cues from a modified version of the Ashtanga tradition.

5.     Chosen posture or series of postures: taught through preparatory sequences for safety and efficacy, and highlighting peak poses for challenge and joy.

6.     Savasana: period of stillness and rest.

7.     Class finish: class always ends with students in their chosen meditative seat, with grounding breath and a reminder of the class concept or Metaphor from the Mat.

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