Learn to integrate movement, mindfulness and behavioral regulation into your classroom or work environment and become a certified bKIDS Educator!

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Continuing Education Credits available for teachers!

bBIGS Professional Development is an opportunity for adults across industries to learn research backed and human- centered awareness tools, in an interactive environment. In one of our unique training space, or at your location, we offer a range of accredited professional development opportunities that are accessible and applicable.

Supporting big people of all kinds - in their work and life.


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More about bBIGS

Custom Services for Teams of Professionals

Education Specialized - We have learned that among the best ways to support young people in their environment, is to ensure that the adults they rely on are supported, informed and resourced through yoga and mindfulness methods.

Across Industries - The training crew at bhavanaKIDS offers a range of custom service options for teams of professionals, because we understand that work can be trying and stressful.

Service Oriented - Our bBIGS services can help you and your staff with self-care and stress reduction, communication, classroom management, changing school culture, professional longevity and implementing yoga and mindfulness techniques into the classroom for greater success.

Our bBIGS Services can take a number of forms and are specialized to meet your needs:

  • In-Service Trainings

  • On Site or Off Site Workshops

  • Staff Retreats