The word "bhavana" comes from ancient Sanskrit and translates most closely to the English word "cultivate" - linguistically, the word is often combined with another word, like mind, body or heart.  At bhavanaKIDS, we are committed to helping young people, and those who serve them, to cultivate a meaningful and resilient life.

Our Leaders and Educators provide a range of programming that is much needed in the modern educational environment, and our offerings are growing. Our program frameworks rest on a foundation of traditional yoga and cutting edge mindfulness practices - all the while leaving plenty of room for our facilitators to shine in their own unique way.

Our mission begins with a unique yoga and mindfulness curriculum that combines practice with rest, body awareness with thoughtfulness, and structure with play; providing tools for self-regulation, embodied cognition and joy. We believe that all of these things plant seeds in the minds, bodies and hearts of young people, helping them to flourish in the educational environment, manage modern day stresses, and find their purposeful way in the world.

Our work has continued to grow and now includes programs for juvenile services centers, workshops/trainings/retreats for teachers/administrators/staff in the educational environment, and consultancy and residency programs for growing productive, respectful school culture.