bkids is changing up the way we certify!

At bhavanaKIDS, we need Educators with grit, heart, and a drive to be part of meaningful change.

Completion of our signature bKIDS teacher training or graduation from bKIDS Online Academy is where you start.

Once certified, you will have an opportunity to apply for paid placements in schools and education environments across the country.


what you can set your sites on

  • gain knowledge about providing much needed social, emotional, behavioral and body based tools to young people

  • summer (camps) and fall (school year) job placement opportunities.

  • above industry-standard pay and business growth potential

  • long term relationships and opportunities

  • fulfillment beyond measure

what you'll soak up and take away in our trainings and courses

  • Theory & Philosophy

    • integrated mindfulness, cognitive embodiment, and behavioral/relational theory

    • awareness, communication and diversity

    • baseline trauma training

    • Understanding and Applying the bKIDS Curriculum

  • Specialized Education

    • Classroom Management - A Child Centered Approach

    • Metaphor from the Mat - The bKIDS Lesson Plan

    • Strategies in Mindfulness - For Work, Relationships & Life

    • bKIDS Curriculum for Elementary Age Students

    • bKIDS Curriculum for Middle School Students

    • bKIDS Curriculum for High Schools Students

    • Creating Specialty Classes

    • Media, Mind and Body - Teaching Mindful Media Consumption

    • Understanding Positive Youth Development

    • Integrating Social and Emotional Learning in the Classroom

    • Effective Rapport Building and Non-Violent Communication

    • And More!

  • Practicum Opportunities

    • Real time, real life delivery of bKIDS content.

    • Applying the curriculum.

    • Practice, exercises and activities.


what you'll invest

  • TIME

Our Teacher Trainings require commitment to contact hours on specific dates, but you can graduate from bKIDS Online Academy at your own pace!


    • There is a program fee of $432 for our signature bKIDS Teacher Training. Scholarships are available.

    • bKIDS Online Academy Courses are currently in design. Please check back for costs and access!

  • LOVE

    • a commitment to yoga, mindfulness and serving the young people in our communities.

    • the ability to share in trauma and vulnrability, overcome adversity, practice radical compassion, and be loyal to the young people we serve and the organization we are building.

bKIDS Training Slate

Learn more about the training process here.